Thursday, January 23, 2014

Assignments that I'm Most Proud Of, photo 1. Fall 2013 (2)

Another assignment that I was most proud of has to be "Winter" and the assignment was to go outside and take pictures that would remind people of Winter... so when you think of winter, what is it you think of?.... SNOW! Of course it's snow. So I went out behind my house and took tons of pictures of the snow. From different angles, and different focus' and everything. I really liked this assignment because being at my house, No one else would have the same variety of photos. When taking pictures of my house I realized how to make the images really different and unique. The angles that I decided on add the icing to the cake. I love the angles and views that I decided on, I hope you do too!

Assignments that I'm Most Proud Of, photo 1. Fall 2013 (1)

     Of course throughout a whole semester of photography, You'll have more than just one favorite assignment. So one of my favorite one's had to be Thanksgiving, it was a time for family and yummy food. Two of my favorite things! I'm proud of this because I never looked at food from these angles and didn't notice all the details. I set up the dinner table all fancy and everything had to be perfect just for some pictures. I added these three images above because they're the most artistic point of views. On thanksgiving alone for this assignment, I took over 100 photos. I love photography and thought it was really fun to photograph food in this assignment. 

Most Memorable Experiences, Photo 1, Fall 2013

1. The most memorable pieces from this semester I'd have to say were the Cumberland Fair back in September when we went on a trip with the photography class to take tons of pictures of all the animals. When we were done with the pictures we uploaded them to show our friends in China what it was all about, from the fried dough and harness races to the animal competition and rides. Another memory that I have from this year was learning how to take our photos and align them on top of each other creating a whole new image on photoshop. I struggled with photoshop for quite some time but after a few classes, I got the hang of it. Before this class I had no idea what it was about, and now I can say; I'm not that bad! My most favorite memory of this whole class has to be the "Who Are You?" video that we created. Other people in my class chose, gaming, volleyball, or some vacation that they usually go on. I decided on family, the topic of family means so much to me; as it should for everyone. My family has always been the most important part of life to me and I got the opportunity to show my love for them in this class and love how my video came out. Throughout this semester in photography I have learned so much from my piers as well as my teacher. I am so thankful for the opportunity to take this class, So I thank my teacher for being here and teaching Photography.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alexis. Who are you?

  • Who are you? Alexis Trainor

  • What are your interests? One of the biggest things in my life, is family. Growing up I was always a family kid, didn't have very many friends and did activities with my family. My family has taken a moose hunting trip up north which has meant a lot to me. We also have a charter fishing boat. Anything outdoors with my family means the world to me. I guess this didn't really set in until after my grandfather passed that I realized, Live every moment as if it's your last. Family is the most important thing in life to me.

  • Explain in writing and words who you are: I'm very outgoing and shy at times but when I'm comfortable I'm rather loud. I love the outdoors and activities involving them. I'm up for challenges and will try my hardest. I'm more of a "tom-boy" with everything that I do. I was raised in a home that listened to country music and not letting a little dirt scare you. I was raised around cars and how to fix them, My family taught me more than anything about any subject. I have friends now, never really did growing up.

  • what's important to you: Family means absolutely everything to me, “Don’t let people push you around” - Growing up I would let people push me around and I’d keep my thoughts to myself. ---“always be your own person”- Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something and you agree or think different of yourself. You are who you are. Be proud of that fact and don’t change for anyone. 

  • what are your goals, dreams, desires??? Live life to the fullest, Live the way I wish to dream, Nursing is what I’d like to do after high school, Happiness- Get through everyday with a smile. Know that you are loved and that you were made for a reason, & Love.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Alexis. Photojournalism's Response

  • What impressed you most about the way he took photos?
I thought it was very interesting how he took a lot of his pictures on subjects of ‘Disappointment’ or ‘Tragedies’ Makes people think more about what they’re doing, what’s going on in the world and/or how they could help.
  • What do you think about the photographs?

His photographs are very interesting to me, Most photographer’s would show beautiful things, He didn’t. He showed what actually was happening around him. Not everything in the world is beautiful and clearly he can see those things that aren’t. I think the way he was portraying his artwork is a more educational piece.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Alexis. Culture Clash

I learned a lot about Photoshop, before this project I’ve actually never used photoshop. I had days where I was fine with patience and what not, and then days when I couldn’t do anything. I figured out a lot of different ways to adjust my image and adding the images. One of my difficulties was when I thought I was finished I merged all of my layers together when I shouldn’t have. I also made more than one Culture Clash to figure out which one I liked more, I struggled with the first one and messed it up so I decided to start a different one of them eating at the table and I liked that one a lot more.